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Swiss QualiQuest AG
Swiss QualiQuest AG
Bernstrasse 1
3066 Bern-Stettlen, CH
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Data Protection Guarantees

Data protection is of the utmost importance to Swiss QualiQuest, and its top priority. Swiss QualiQuest gives everyone submitting ratings the following data protection guarantees, with the following provisions:

  • Ratings may be submitted anonymously.
  • Giving one’s name is voluntary, and is requested separately in the questionnaire.
  • If ratings are submitted anonymously, no name will appear in the published survey.
  • Ratings are fed directly into Swiss QualiQuest AG’s automatic evaluation system, and are not inspected by anyone.
  • Swiss QualiQuest AG’s servers are located in Switzerland and are secured to the highest standards.
  • Ratings input sender identification occurs through IP recognition and is stored on Swiss QualiQuest AG’s servers. The rated company has no access to the data, and the data will never be passed on to any third party.
  • If a name is given voluntarily during the ratings submission, it will appear in the rated company’s internal administration tool and on the rated company’s ratings landing page, which can be accessed publicly. The name may appear as part of the ratings landing page in search engine results.
  • Any additional contact details (phone, email etc.) given voluntarily in the ratings submission will appear in the rated company’s internal administration tool only.
  • By voluntarily submitting a comment while rating – either anonymously or with a name added – the author of the comment consents to its publication in online and offline media with direct links to the rated company and Swiss QualiQuest AG.

Should you notice any irregularities regarding these data protection provisions, please report them to us. Swiss QualiQuest AG is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the provisions and the stated data protection guarantees are upheld, or that adherence can be demanded in case of violation.

Please report irregularities here by email