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Swiss QualiQuest AG
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Rating Guide

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the rating questionnaire. It is very quick and simple.

Rate according to the following grading:

*             Very unsatisfactory
**           Unsatisfactory
***         Satisfactory
****      Good
*****    Very good

  • Should you be unable or unwilling to answer a question, simply skip it – this question will automatically be treated neutrally, and will not be included in the rating.
  • You may give your rating anonymously. Your anonymity and data protection are guaranteed (check our data protection provisions).
  • The business you have rated will be delighted if you add your name – however, this is optional.
  • By submitting the rating questionnaire you confirm that you are a client and/or member of staff of the business you have rated.

Many thanks for your honest and fair rating. You are making a valuable contribution towards the rated business’s quality optimisation.

This rating survey is being conducted by the neutral and independent Swiss company Swiss QualiQuest AG.