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Swiss QualiQuest AG
Swiss QualiQuest AG
Bernstrasse 1
3066 Bern-Stettlen, CH
+41 32 588 20 10,

Rating Guidelines

Swiss QualiQuest AG, a neutral and independent Swiss company, operates a ratings system which allows for the collection, automatic evaluation and publication of ratings. The following guidelines apply:

1. Ratings shall only be submitted by individuals whose relationship with the rated business is that of a client and/or staff member. Submitting a rating without this guarantee is explicitly forbidden.

2. Our ratings system settings ensure that your rating is anonymous. Your anonymity is safeguarded by our data protection guarantee.

3. You are very welcome to give your name. If you do, your name will appear alongside the ratings. Please note that it is prohibited to submit ratings under a made-up name or false identity. Submitting fake ratings is an offence.

4. It is prohibited to publish defamatory contributions, contributions that contain racist or sexist statements or amount to incitement to violence, political propaganda and the like. Personal details relating to third parties (in particular names, phone numbers, private addresses, email addresses etc.) must not be included in written comments without their consent.

5. We reserve the right to bar or delete ratings that violate the guidelines listed in paragraph 4.

6. With the submission of the questionnaire, Swiss QualiQuest AG acquires the right to use and process your ratings. This includes automatically feeding the ratings results into the client rating of the business in question, and publication on the ratings page as well as in other publications of the rated business and of Swiss QualiQuest AG – with no right to remuneration. The transfer of these rights remains in force even in the event of this agreement being terminated.

7. You guarantee that you are entitled to grant the rights (see paragraph 6) to the content you have entered, and that this does not violate any third-party copyrights, trademark rights or any other intellectual property rights.