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Swiss QualiQuest AG
Swiss QualiQuest AG
Bernstrasse 1
3066 Bern-Stettlen, CH
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Swiss QualiQuest rating principle: Fairness for all involved

Trust is the prime precondition for rating. This includes fairness for all involved:

Ratings users must be confident that the ratings are genuine and not manipulated.
Rated businesses need to be certain that only their actual clients and/or staff members are able to rate, and that no faked ratings are possible.

Both these factors are guaranteed by Swiss QualiQuest AG’s ratings system.




This is how we guarantee genuine ratings:

Swiss QualiQuest AG’s ratings system provides the maximum guarantee that the clients and/or staff members who are rating are genuine. Access to the ratings tool is provided directly to the clients and/or staff members.

Businesses using Swiss QualiQuest AG’s ratings system are contractually bound to allow ALL their clients and/or staff members access to the ratings questionnaire.

Swiss QualiQuest AG will withdraw the seal of approval from businesses that verifiably bar clients and/or staff members from accessing rating.

Rating is entered directly into Swiss QualiQuest AG’s system, which operates independently from the rated business. The result is evaluated automatically and without human inspection on Swiss QualiQuest AG’s servers.

The aggregated results on the neutral rating pages and in the seals of approval with live-score will be produced straight from Swiss QualiQuest AG’s system, with no possibility of influence from the rated business.

We are happy to answer any questions, as it’s important for us to demonstrate transparency in the ratings we process.

Simply send us a email here